This is our beautiful cat called Carlotta. She will be four years old this year. We found her at Borgo a Mozzano  beer festival where she had been rescued by the piccole cucce (small pet baskets) association.

She was all alone in a little cage. Her name carlotta had already been given to her by the association. We couldn’t resist her and promised piccole cucce that she would receive a good home and all the correct inoculations.

Francis was hoping to have a pint of beer there but instead we returned with a pint-sized cat…

Carlotta is truly beautiful and with her three colours (common only in females) she is also known as a calico cat. Calico cats bring luck and wealth and while we are not yet millionaires our lives have been incredibly enriched by her presence.

Carlotta loves to go on long walks with us. She is incredibly affectionate and very undemanding with a cool and placid temperament.

We are truly in love with her!




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