This Animal trough is the influential factor that led me to my title “Be Kind and Merciful to All Animals” note the  key word All well that is it we are all truly Animals whether we agree or not is another matter and notwithstanding this fact according to recent studies we have the same number of hair follicles as the  Chimpanzees how about that I wonder how this finding  was investigated! As so called Superior Beings we are supposed to have been looking after all the other animal species what a mess we have made of this. So many species vanish from our planet Earth on a daily basis! What are we doing to make amends to this well it seems that some scientists are trying to revive the extinct creatures such as Dinosaurs from recently found matter I think that our energies would be better directed in saving what we have at present which in itself is a daunting task but I applaud the work that Zoos are doing worldwide as we have collections of animals not just to oogle at but to hopefully use and to restore to their natural habitats around the world as has often been the case in question by reproducing further creatures. The recent good news is that finally animals will no longer be tested on for cosmetics so from now onwards animals will enjoy their well earned freedom!

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